Cable End Stripping Tool

Cable End Stripping Tool

Cable End Stripping Tool for ABC, BLX & BLL

Unique cable end stripping tool with non-conductive nylon body strips insulation and gives a perfect square cut without damaging the cable. Individual bushings are available for each cable/ conductor size and type with blade depth set to suit the application. The non-conductive body is available with a 34mm end stop for standard ABC cable lugs or without end stop to allow insulation to be stripped to any desired length.

Interchangeable bushings are simply fitted to each end of the nylon body with an allen screw. Bushings are currently available for 35, 50, 95 & 120mm² ABC, 50 & 120mm² BLX, and 50mm² BLL conductors, others available upon request.

Bushings are stamped with conductor size and type. This tool is ideally suited for many other applications such as meter tails, small underground cables etc. Please contact us with cable sizes and types. Hard plastic storage case available for storing up to 3 assembled tools and 4 additional bushings.


  • Reduces or eliminates use of a knife to improve safety
  • Consistent strip length for lugs and fittings
  • Eliminates potential scoring of cable
  • Sheath can be peeled in one helical length allowing easy disposal thus reducing contamination and danger to grazing animals caused by small pvc chippings when cable is stripped with a knife

Technical Specifications

CST-ES-34 Nylon tool body with 34mm end stop
CST-NS Nylon tool body with no end stop
CST-CASE Hard plastic carry case for storage of up to 3 tools and 4 bushings
CST-BL19207 Spare blade
CST-B43305-ABC-35 Bushing and blade for 35mm² ABC
CST-B43326-ABC-50 Bushing and blade for 50mm² ABC
CST-B43307-ABC-95 Bushing and blade for 95mm² ABC
CST-B43325-ABC-120 Bushing and blade for 120mm² ABC
CST-B43308-BLX-50 Bushing and blade for 50mm² BLX
CST-B43309-BLX-120 Bushing and blade for 120mm² BLX
CST-B43310-BLL-50 Bushing and blade for 50mm² BLL

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