Klein Chicago® Grip – EHS (Extra-High-Strength)

Klein Chicago® Grip – EHS (Extra-High-Strength)

Klein grips are widely used in power, communications and the general construction industry to tension conductor, cables and wire. The grips maintain temporary tension until the conductor can be permanently terminated.

A family of grips designed for use on extra high strength conductors and stay wire. Double ‘V’ grooved jaws provide four-point contact, reducing the possibility of slippage. These grips cover a wide range of conductor sizes. The 1684-74 is specifically designed for use on stay wire, This model has a curved jaw to prevent slippage.

Technical Specifications

1613-40 3.05 – 9.40mm 1150kg 1.36kg
1684-5 5.54 – 13.97mm 2240kg 2.84kg
1684-74 5.54 – 13.97mm 2240kg 2.84kg

The hot-line latch is designed for placing a grip onto the conductor with a hot-line stick. The three notches in the hot-line latch adjust the balance of the grip to better match the direction of the cable sag. The grips above can all be supplied with this latch – if you require this part please add the suffix ‘H’ to the part numbers above.

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