Crossarm Bond Leads

Crossarm Bond Leads

Where required we can offer the Crossarm Bond Lead separately


11kV earth kits are supplied with spring loaded snap on clamps as standard. 3 phase leads are connected to the earth lead via central cluster star point, a cluster bar is available as an alternative.

Where safety rules dictate that the crossarm should also be earthed an additional phase lead with CE10 crossarm clamp can be added to the star point or cluster bar. If more convenient, the crossarm lead can be supplied as a separate item with the CE10 clamp one end and a CE62 snap on clamp at the other end.

For 33KV Earths a separate 6m bond lead is requested with S9AH clamps each end.

Technical Specifications

CBL-6210 1.5m orange 50mm² Aluflex with CE62 snap-on clamp one end and CE10 crossarm clamp other end
CBL-6M-2X-S9AH 6m orange 50mm² Aluflex with S9AH clamps each end (one grey, one yellow)

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