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Eflare Flashing Warning Beacon

Eflare Corporation is a world-leader in LED safety technology, and their products are sold in every corner of the globe, across emergency services, mining, aviation, industrial and transport and rail.

The Eflare flashing warning beacon is ideal for the emergency services, industrial, utilities and many other market sectors. It can be used for many applications providing a quick and easy, highly visible warning or safety zone. All eFlare safety beacons are user friendly, easily stored, easily activated, lightweight and durable. They are available in a range of one or two colour light combinations and you can choose between steady on or flashing light modes. With the appropriate accessory the eFlare can be easily attached to clothing, vehicles, cones and bollards. It has a fast flash rate, high luminosity LEDs and a patented Fresnel lens to provide maximum visibility. Accepts 2 x D-cell batteries.

Accreditation Symbols

  • Ex = Explosion Protection
  • ic = Intrinsic Safety – Gas zone 2
  • IIC = Type of flammable gas present in the atmosphere – Hydrogen (more easily ignited)
  • T4 = Maximum surface temperature of product must not exceed this temperature, +135 deg C
  • Gc = Equipment Protection Level – Gas Zone 2
  • IP66 = Total dust ingress protection, Protected against high pressure water jets from any direction

Technical Specifications

<60 Candela 20 to 40+ hours Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White 240 to 260g

Safety Ratings: Ex ic IIC T4 Gc IP66

Accessories: A variety of accessories are available including cone mounts, rubber bases, floating devices, magnetic clips etc.

Note: Many variations of this product available, please contact us for more information


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