Honeywell Miller H500 Arc Flash Harness & Lanyard

Honeywell Miller H500 Arc Flash Harness & Lanyard

Work environments are different, and each one has its own safety needs. Stay compliant with fall protection regulations and keep your workers safe against arc flash risks when working at height with the Honeywell Miller H500 Arc Flash series.

The primary safety concerns with working at height are falls, the most frequent cause of fatal accidents. Providing your workers with reliable fall protection equipment and staying compliant with legal and regulatory obligations is essential, but not enough. Arc flash incidents can occur at any time people work with electrical components. Keep workers safe against electrical hazards at height with the new Honeywell Miller H500 Arc Flash series.

With the awareness and knowledge of arc flash risks slowly increasing across many different industrials sectors, Honeywell has designed the Miller H500 Arc Flash series to self-extinguish quickly and prevent melting or dripping in the event of an arc flash.

The new generation Miller H500 Arc Flash revolves around four critical workercentric value drivers: ergonomic safety, lightweight, style and evidence based performance, allowing workers to wear the harness for hours without having to readjust constantly throughout their shifts. The Miller H500 Arc Flash harness and lanyard are ASTM F887 third-party tested to ensure workers are protected from falls even after an arc flash of 40 cal/cm².

Honeywell Miller H500 Arc Flash 6


The Honeywell Miller® H500 Arc Flash Lanyard is designed to protect your workers from fall even after an electric arc energy of 40 cal/cm².

Technical Specifications

FPXARCM-HSEU Arc Flash Harness Size 1
FPXARCM-HMEU Arc Flash Harness Size 2
FPXARCM-HLEU Arc Flash Harness Size 3
FPLARCM-SEU Arc Flash Lanyard — Single leg
FPLARCM-TEU Arc Flash Lanyard — Twin legs

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