LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network

LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network

The LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network detects electric field in ranges between 4kVAC and 500kVAC.

  • The LOOKOUT Voltage Identification Mesh Network is a network of up to six voltage detectors that work together to provide directional identification of where an energised field is located
  • Visual and audible alerts to warn of an energised field
  • Colour coded lights indicate which devices are closest to the voltage source and which are further away – using a red-amber-green sequence
  • Communication distance between devices up to 30 metres

The LOOKOUT Detectors can provide an additional warning to users exposed or working around energised, high voltage electricity and equipment. Awareness of the presence of a high voltage electric field allows the user to take additional precautions against accidental contact with energised equipment. The LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network provides an early warning of the proximity of potentially hazardous high voltage electricity and equipment. The detector lights will change colour from green, amber and red, will spin and a buzzer will sound when an electric field is detected and will continue to spin for as long as the electric field is present.


  • Adjustable sensitivity based on system voltage from 4kV up to 500kV via the LOOKOUT App
  • Accessory brackets available to mount on cones, hang on fences or poles to surround a work area
  • Magnetized to mount directly on equipment
  • Waterproof housing for use in any weather condition
  • Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery life is up to 2 weeks in Monitor mode and up to 8 hours in Alert mode

Technical Specifications

LOOKOUT LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network

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