Non-Conductive Hydraulic Hoses

Non-Conductive Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic tools provide high speed and efficiency with a significantly higher power to weight ratio when compared to petrol engine and battery operated tools. Can be used either from vehicle hydraulic tool circuit or self contained hydraulic power pack.

We supply a full range of low pressure (2250psi) and high pressure (10,000psi), orange non-conductive hydraulic hoses. Low pressure hoses are supplied with flush base quick release couplers, high pressure hoses have screw type couplers. Other lengths not listed below are available on request.

Technical Specifications

2M-NCH-22500 2m 2250psi
3M-NCH-2250 3m 2250psi
4M-NCH-2250 4m 2250psi
5M-NCH-2250 5m 2250psi
6M-NCH-2250 6m 2250psi
2M-NCH-10000 2m 10,000psi
4M-NCH-10000 4m 10,000psi
6M-NCH-10000 6m 10,000psi
8M-NCH-10000 8m 10,000psi
10M-NCH-10000 10m 10,000psi

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