Powerline Sentry Nest Diverter

Powerline Sentry Nest Diverter

 Nest Diverters are available in a range of different sizes.

The inverted “V” shape of Power Line Sentry’s nesting deterrents are designed to keep raptors, ravens, and other birds from building a nest on distribution, transmission, and substation systems. While attachable via multiple methods, we recommend the Super Strap banding.

Technical Specifications.

Inverted “V” Shape prevents nesting ability.

Sleek and durable UV resistant HDPE polymer.

Multiple attachment methods, can be installed by one linesman.

Nest Diverter, Nest Diverter with Cut-Out, Transmission Nest Diverter.

Coverage 12″ – 48″ for wood, fiberglass & steel.


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