Powerline Sentry Rip-Stop Linehose

Powerline Sentry Rip-Stop Linehose

Horizon offers silicone linehose in a range of sizes.

Our complete line of Rip-Stop™ tear-resistant insulating silicone line hose is vulcanized for a long service life. The slit has a 50% overlap for better retention and increased insulating value. It is pliable and both high and low temperatures, is hotstick compatible, and is easy to install.

Technical Specifications

LH-038-50 1524.0cm 38kV 15.52-8.92mm²
LH-038-3M-KT 1524.0cm 38kV 15.52-8.92mm²
LH-063-50 1524.0cm 38kV 53.52-170.60mm²
LH-063-50-KT 1524.0cm 38kV 53.52-170.60mm²
LH-075-50 1524.0cm 38kV 135.40-241.30mm²
LH-075-50-KT 1524.0cm 38kV 135.40-241.30mm²
LH-100-25 1524.0cm 38kV 200.90-362.10mm²
LH-100-25-KT 1524.0cm 38kV 200.90-362.10mm²
LH-125-25 1524.0cm 38kV 361.60-602.80mm²
LH-125-25-KT 1524.0cm 38kV 361.60-602.80mm²
LH-150-25 1524.0cm 38kV 605.80-766.10mm²

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