Powerline Sentry Spike Deterrents

Powerline Sentry Spike Deterrents

Horizon offers spike deterrents in a range of sizes.

Spikes deter perching, as proven by live flight cage raptor tests conducted in collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. These can be installed on wood, steel or composite poles.

Technical Specifications

RGSP-12-EX* 30.4cm Cross Arm 10
RGSP-24 60.9cm Cross Arm 20
RGSP-24-AN 60.9cm Angle Iron 20
RGSP-24-EC* 60.9cm Cross Arm 10
RGSP-24A 60.9cm Davit Arm 20
RGSP-24A-EC* 60.9cm Davit Arm 10
RGSP-36 91.4cm Cross Arm 10
RGSP-36-AN 91.4cm Angle Iron 10
RGSP-36-EC* 91.4cm Cross Arm 10
RGSP-36A 91.4cm Davit Arm 10
RGSP-36A-EC* 91.4cm Davit Arm 10
RGSP-48 121.9cm Cross Arm 10
RGSP-48-AN 121.9cm Angle Iron 10
RGSP-48-EC* 121.9cm Cross Arm 10
RGSP-48A 121.9cm Davit Arm 10
RGSP-48A-EC* 121.9cm Davit Arm 10

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