Triangular Telescopic Operating Rods

Triangular Telescopic Operating Rods

The “No-Twist” Telescopic Rod

Designed and manufactured by Hastings Fibreglass, the originators of Telescoping Hot Sticks. The unique triangular design ensures the rods can be erected speedily whether being used for fusing, switching and tree cutting operations or to apply ropes to pole tops for use with “First Man Up” equipment. As standard the rods are supplied with the universal fitting and hook.

HV Range

TEL-O-POLE II, The No-Twist Stick

  • Triangular shape – enables each section to lock in automatically. No twisting required to lock sections together
  • High visibility – fluorescent top section is highly visible and has a foam core
  • Extra reach – standard models reach ranges from 8ft to 40ft
  • Shorter rods – designed for engineers to fit in smaller vehicles
  • More versatile – use only the number of sections required to perform each job
  • For reduced height simply depress the lock button and slide the bottom section off – this allows for a lightweight tool to perform the work task more easily
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance – no tools are required for disassembly
  • Ergonomic design – allows the operator a more positive grip for greater control
  • Easy maintenance – all sections have a smooth glossy surface for routine cleaning and waxing
  • Dielectrically tested – each section is tested to 100kV per foot
  • HV-208 only 27 inches long when retracted – excellent for use from bucket truck

Technical Specifications

HV-208 8’ (2.43m) 27” (0.69m) 1.4kg 5
HV-220 21’ (6.43m) 62” (1.58m) 2.92kg 5
HV-225 25’ 6” (7.8m) 64” (1.63m) 3.68kg 6
HV-230 30’ (9.14m) 66” (1.67m) 4.55kg 7
HV-230S 21’ (6.4m) 52” (1.32m) 3.8kg 7
HV-235 35’ (10.67m) 68” (1.72m) 5.5kg 8
HV-235S 25’ (7.62m) 53” (1.34m) 4.85kg 8
HV-240 39’ 6” (12m) 69” (1.75m) 6.5kg 9
HV-240S 29’ (8.84m) 54” (1.37m) 5.78kg 9
EX2-1947 20’ (6.09m) 43” (1.09m) 9


T-RAPTOR Black, nylon, universal to two pin rod adapter
B70X4RW2P Storage bag* with 2 pockets for HV-230, HV-235, HV-240 & MV Range
B56X4RW2P Storage bag* with 2 pockets for HV-230S, HV-235S & HV-240S

*Other size bags available upon request

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