Thorne & Derrick

Horizon Utility Supplies Ltd is excited to announce a partnership with Thorne & Derrick, the Specialist Distributor of LV HV Cable Accessories, Tooling & Substation Equipment.

“Our Partnership Agreement is focussed on the introduction of the Vicera APU2.0 Cable Jointers Stand to the UK DNO’s and National Grid. Initial interest and sales uptake has been outstanding with immediate acceptance by several utility clients of Horizon and field trials ongoing with others. The APU2.0 is now available from stock at Horizon – please do hesitate contact them for further information, site demonstration or sales enquiries.”

“Thorne & Derrick introduced the Vicera range into the UK early last year and the product has been adopted by many High Voltage Power Contractors, ICPs, Cable & Accessory Manufacturers. Working alongside the team at Horizon we look forward to improving cable safety and working practices within the UK DNOs,” comments Chris Dodds (Thorne & Derrick Sales & Marketing Manager).

Horizon and Thorne & Derrick
L-R: Jonathan Hewitt (T&D), Chris Maggs (HOR), Louis Ashley (HOR) and Chris Dodds (T&D)

Richard Casey, Managing Director at Horizon, said of the partnership:

“Horizon Utility Supplies are excited to announce our partnership with Thorne & Derrick, for promoting the Vicera APU2.0 Cable Jointer Stand into the major utilities in the Electricity Supply Industry. This collaboration allows us to use the strengths of both companies to deliver workplace solutions to our customers and reflects our shared dedication to meet the evolving needs of our industry.”

“The Vicera range of products offers a great opportunity to kick-start our partnership, fitting perfectly into our portfolio of products for the supply of equipment for the care and maintenance of the utility network within UK DNOs. We are very much looking forward to working with our partners at Thorne & Derrick.”

The Vicera range of cable stands are for both field or training centre use and provide safe and stable support of low, medium & high voltage cables. The cable stands are suitable for cable diameters 18-90mm with adjustable height.

The cable joint stands feature stepless lateral and tilt adjustment and high strength clamps to prevent cable slippage or movement while jointing – secure and balanced cables when Jointers are undertaking highly skill-sensitive cable preparation prevents inadvertent damage to cables and future potential O&M reliability.

The cable support stands are rugged and durable for outdoor use in joint bays and trenches in all ground terrain conditions – this includes the support of 11kV/33kV/66kV cables to enable precise cable preparation by the Jointer prior to installation of joints, terminations or connectors on medium/high voltage power cables.

The jointing stands are used in the field to enable the completion of pole-top style outdoor terminations and also indoor substation jointing & termination installations.