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Horizon Utility Supplies Ltd supply a full range of construction tools and pole handling accessories, everything from Cable Stockings and Grips to Pole Handling materials.

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Introducing the comprehensive range of products for Cable Installation, Support and Protection from Slingco. Slingco has dedication to precision engineering. Each product is meticulously crafted to exacting standards, ensuring unparalleled performance in even the most demanding environments. Whether it’s a high-tension cable or a complex network installation.

Cable pulling Stockings – Each cable stocking is expertly engineered to offer a reliable solution for the installation of conductor cables. There is a full range of lightweight, medium and heavy duty stockings available. They’re ideal for both ‘new and old’ cable and can be used with swivel links for reduced torque build up.

Swivels Swivels are designed for use in stringing high tension wires for electrical transmission and distribution. They are important for pulling when the lines develop torsion during the installation. This torsion must be released. Use of a swivel will release torque and prevent it from reaching dangerous levels, which can cause damage to the cable or grip.

Slingco also offers a ‘bull nose’ style swivel designed for underground and overhead applications.

All swivels are stringently quality tested and inspected to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Pole Puller – The Slingco pole puller is a must have to comply with today’s safe working practices, reducing the potential for boom damage and greatly reducing the potential of personal injury. The Slingco Deluxe Pole Puller system includes the pole puller pad and back plate weldment. The pole puller pad has studs which keep the base plate in the optimum position when pulling poles. The back plate weldment has angled teeth to increase hold on the pole during extraction

  • The pole puller has a max operation pressure (PSI) of 2,800 and Lift at Max Pressure of 22,734 Kg.
  • Low Point of Attachment.
  • Deluxe System available, complete with back plate weldment & pad.

(Operational Video Below)

Dirt Tarps – The Slingco range of heavy-duty, reusable dirt tarps for increased safety on the jobsite, enable the user to stay out of injury-prone positions. Dirt tarps have become a must-have product at utility construction sites.

The Dirt Tarps can be used at pole changeouts, transformer terminations and pedestals, as well as underground gas, telephone and other underground utility applications.

(Operational Video Below)

Pole Stand – The Slingco pole stand is lightweight and compact making it easy to place, remove, and store. The support legs swing-and-lock design makes it ease to move and store.

The pole stand has a capacity of 2,722 Kg makes it capable of handling the majority of wood distribution poles. Its curved cradle allows for safe rotation of the pole for proper framing positioning.

  • Lightweight and Compact.
  • Quick Swing-and-lock legs.
  • 2,722Kg Capacity
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Cable Pulling Grips and Webbing Pullers from HI TOOL.

Cable Pulling Grips – Made from high grade lightweight material. Patented One-Hand “Trigger Grip” operation for ease of use. Grips available for Al, Cu, ACSR, ABC, PVC Covered Conductor and Staywire.

Grips for larger conductors have a patented “twist grip” handle which allows better alignment of the ratchet puller and grip reducing the possibility of distortion and damage to the conductor. Our standard range includes grips for all sizes of copper, aluminium and ACSR conductors with specialist grips available for covered conductor, such as BLL, Stay wire, and ABC conductors.

The HI TOOL range of grips has increased range taking capabilities, meaning the customer no longer needs to purchase additional grips to cover the the full range of conductor cable or staywire, saving costs and weight on the vehicle.

Al, Cu & ACSR Grips Range 25mm² to 100mm² AAAC & ACSR, 16mm² to 125mm² HD Cu & 32mm², 70mm² PVC Coated HD Cu

Covered Conductor Grip50mm²,120mm² & 185mm² BLL

Premium Grip – 50mm² to 175mm² AAAC, 50mm² to 175mm² ACSR (not for 175mm² Lynx conductor) & 32mm² to 150mm² HD Cu

ABC Grips Range – 2 x 35mm² to 2 x 50mm² & 4 x 35mm² to 4 x 120mm²

Staywire Grip Range – 7/3.25mm & 7/4mm

Webbing Pullers – Ultra lightweight for ease of use. They feature insulated super-strength 32mm wide webbing straps, insulated fiberglass handles and a special handle neck that will bend if the unit is overloaded to prevent damage to the puller and injury to the operator. 10kN & 15kN Capacity options available.


Used in conjunction with the pullers, the dynamometer can measure line tension when stringing conductors.

  • Both pulling eyes rotate 360°
  • Accuracy +/- 3% Full Scales
  • Good for use in harsh field conditions
  • Each tool is serial numbered and supplied in a heavy duty case with test certificate
  • FoxFury Scene

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