Hi-Tool ABC Grip

Hi-Tool ABC Grip

Versatile, lightweight grips for ABC. Featuring trigger grip as standard

Hi-Tool Conductor Grips are the lightest and most versatile grips available. These grips are designed for and tested on a very wide range of conductors which will, in many cases, allow the replacement of 3 traditional grips with a single Hi-Tool model. The consequent benefits in cost, space and weight saving are considerable.

Further, a patented “One Hand Trigger Grip Operation” allows the tool to easily be placed on to the conductor. Each grip comes with a gate designed to help guide it along the conductor during installation. However for those users who prefer a grip without this feature the gate can be stowed in the open position, or removed completely, without affecting the performance of the grip. Where required a fully hot-stick enabled grip is available.

Grips for larger conductors have a patented twist grip handle which allows better alignment of the ratchet puller and grip reducing the possibility of distortion and damage to the conductor. Our standard range includes grips for all sizes of copper, aluminium and ACSR conductors with specialist grips available for covered conductor, such as BLL, Stay wire, and ABC conductors.

All grips are CE marked and supplied with a declaration of conformity from the manufacturer.

ABC Grip

Versatile, lightweight grips for ABC. Featuring trigger grip as standard.

Technical Specifications

HT-ABC-S 2 x 35mm² to 2 x 50mm² 500kg 0.6kg
HT-ABC-M 4 x 35mm² to 4 x 95mm² 850kg 2.4kg
HT-ABC-L 4 x 95mm² to 4 x 120mm² 850kg 2.6kg


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