Branach Ladders Euro Fall Control System

Branach Ladders Euro Fall Control System

Branach fibreglass safety ladders with fall arrest control, classified for professional use according to EN131-2:2010 and A2:2017.

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Branach-Euro-Fall-Control-SystemExtension Ladder with Fall Control

Guiding Principles of the Branach Fall Control System

  • The worker is safe from the moment they leave the ground
  • The stability system works from the ground up
  • Fall control system stems from the increased base of support
  • The ladder is secured with an integrated tether system
  • Integrated rescue by second user from the ground
  • Allows workers to work from the ladder with both hands comfortably and safely
  • To meet and exceed compliance and international standards
  • Design fit for purpose, critical piece of climbing equipment
  • Periodic inspection schedule recommended


  • SIMPLE system to ensure the height worker is safe while ascending, descending or accidental fall, slip or medical issue
  • STRENGTH required to arrest the user
  • STABILITY required to remain upright during a fall event
  • ANCHORING mechanism to ensure the user does not separate from the ladder structure
  • RESCUE so the height worker can be safely lowered down by someone on the ground

Technical Specifications

FEU3.9-FC 2.90m 3.89m 20.5kg/23.0kg 150kg/120kg
FEU5.1-FC 3.50m 5.09m 23.5kg/26.0kg 150kg/120kg
FEU6.3-FC 4.10m 6.29m 26.6kg/29.0kg 150kg/120kg
FEU7.5-FC 4.70m 7.49m 33.0kg/35.7kg 150kg/120kg
FEU8.7-FC 5.30m 8.69m 36.0kg/39.0kg 150kg/120kg



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