Fibreglass Cleaning & Refinishing Kit

Fibreglass Cleaning & Refinishing Kit

Fibreglass Cleaning & Refinishing Kit from Hastings.

Kit contains the following:

  • 10-169 – 1 gallon all purpose cleaner, a non toxic liquid to aid removal of dirt, grease, metal oxides and other contaminants from surface of tool
  • 10-170 – 20 ultra fine non metallic abrasive pads that can be used with all purpose cleaner to remove stubborn contamination
  • 10-100 – 2 part clear epoxy refinishing kit is used to bring the tool surface back to its original finish
  • 10-090 – Silicone treated wiping cloths for removing light dust and dirt from tool surface. Also use after all purpose cleaner to allow moisture to bead on surface of stick

All products available individually.

Technical Specifications

10-171 Fibreglass Cleaning & Refinishing Kit

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