Gaff Type Pole Climbers

Gaff Type Pole Climbers

Adjustable Klein Pole Climbers

Industry standard Klein Pole Climbers are adjustable in length, 15” to 19” (381mm to 483mm). Climbers come complete with gaffs, pads, calf and ankle straps which are also available as spare parts. Additionally, we supply a gaff sharpening kit which includes file, honing stone, gaff gauge and instructions. Velcro cushion pads and ‘C’ type felt lined pads are available as optional extras where the user requires greater support and comfort.

Technical Specifications

CN1972 AR Klein Pole Climbers (pair)
72 Pair of Replacement Gaffs 1.5” (38mm)
8210 Climber Pads (pair)
5301-18 Nylon Calf Straps 22” (pair)
5301-20 Nylon Ankle Straps 24” (pair)
KG-2 Gaff Sharpening Kit
HB26DA Velcro Cushion Wrap Pad with Cinch
35032KL Felt Lined ‘C’ Type Climber Pads with Metal Insert

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