Ground-Guard Ground Protection Mats

Ground-Guard Ground Protection Mats

Temporary access ground matting solution to protect grass and turf, minimise reinstatement costs and prevention of vehicles getting bogged down.

Ground-Guard Protection Mats are manufactured from ½” thick recycled high-density polyethylene, and offer the perfect solution to churned-up landscapes and reduced traction for works vehicles.

Lightweight and easy to assemble, Ground-Guards can be locked into place to form a continuous, solid roadway or work platform. The product features a patented heavy diamond deck-plate design for maximum traction and is also available with a smooth reverse side for easy removal of dirt.

Available in a range of sizes. Ground-Guard Protection Mats are rigorously tested to ensure they are virtually indestructible and are guaranteed against breakage by vehicles of up to 50 tonnes.*

*50 tonne guarantee applies to 8’ x 4’ size. The 8’ x 3’ size is guaranteed up to 37 tonnes, the 8’ x 2’ size up to 25 tonnes, the 6’ x 3’ size up to 28 tonnes and the 6’ x 2’ size up to 19 tonnes.


  • Toughest boards on the market and guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles up to 50 tonnes
  • Weather-proof, resistant to UV rays and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Stays the same weight wet or dry
  • Safe and light-weight. Two men can easily lay trackway. No need for HIAB
  • Different tread patterns to suit all applications
  • No tools required for assembly
  • 24 hour delivery available upon request

Plywood has long been the traditional method of ground protection but often breaks during first use. It splinters, warps, becomes water-logged and is awkward to handle and could cause injury.

Ground-Guard Protection Mats are so light and easy to handle that you don’t even require a HIAB lorry to set them out. They can either be laid loose for temporary access, or clipped together (without tools) to form semi-permanent roadways and car parks.

Ground-Guards have been field tested in extreme cold and intense heat and are backed by a full 2 year warranty.

Ground-Guards are available in three finishes: Standard (ST), Walk (W) and Smooth (SM). The table below shows which finishes are available for each size.

  • Standard
    Standard tread boards have interlocking grips on both sides for maximum traction.
  • Walk
    Walk tread boards have a close pattern of raised grips, suitable for pedestrian walkways.
  • Smooth
    Smooth surface boards are suitable for tracked vehicles.

Technical Specifications

GG48 4’ x 8’ (1200mm x 2400mm) 50 tonnes 39kg
GG38 3’ x 8’ (900mm x 2400mm) 37 tonnes 29kg
GG36 3’ x 6’ (900mm x 1800mm) 28 tonnes 22kg
GG28 2’ x 8’ (600mm x 2400mm) 25 tonnes 20kg
GG26 2’ x 6’ (600mm x 1800mm) 19 tonnes 15kg

Ground-Guard Accessories

Used to join Ground-Guards


GGJ Single Joiner
GGFJ Single Joiner (Flat)
GGDJ Double joiner
GGGA Ground Anchor
GGPJ Single Plate Joiners
GGHFJ Single Hammer Fix Joiner
GGHFDJ Double Hammer Fix Joiner
GGHH Handi Hooks


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