Skipper XS Indoor Safety Barriers

Skipper XS Indoor Safety Barriers

The Skipper XS range was developed to adapt Skipper’s great versatility to indoor environments such as in warehousing, manufacturing and facilities management – where room for cones and posts is not available.

The Skipper XS is ideal for where a traffic cone is not suitable to cordon off a work area, such as engineers working in domestic residences or where space is limited in control rooms, power stations or any indoor application.

The Skipper XS unit contains 9m of tape and fits into one of four attachment accessories, the same accessories will also hold the tape end.

The Clamp Holder/Receiver is used to attach the Skipper XS unit to angular surfaces such as door frames, tables and desks. It can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, simply position the clamp in place and turn the screw to tighten.

The Suction Pad Holder/Receiver is ideal for attaching the Skipper XS unit or tape end to windows, doors and cupboards.

The Magnetic Holder/Receiver is used to connect the Skipper XS unit or tape end to metal surfaces such as racking or radiators, and the Cord Strap Holder/Receiver is used to attach to vertical posts, table legs, handles etc.

Other Skipper accessories such as light holders, clamps, suctions pads and sign holders can also be used with the Skipper XS.


Technical Specifications

SK-XS1 Skipper XS Indoor Barrier Unit with Red/White Chevron Tape

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