NLG Extended Coil Tool Lanyard

NLG Extended Coil Tool Lanyard

The NLG Extended Coil Tool Lanyard provides effortless reach to 2M so that it can be used comfortably at full stretch for longer tasks. The long length combined with lightweight componentry has made it one of the most popular tool lanyards, across many industries.


The compact coil design makes it a great partner for the NLG Tool Holster (101470). The 360° Quick Clip™ connectors stop any tangles when in use and work well with rotating tools such as scaffold spanners and screwdrivers.


  • Low recoil force makes it ideal for extended periods of use
  • Compact design stays neatly out of the way and reduces snagging hazards
  • Equipped with Quick Clips™ for rapid connection and effortless use with gloves
  • Dual spin connector design eradicates coil tension during use
  • Anti-puncture wipe clean sleeve makes cleaning easy
  • PU core is both strong and lightweight
  • Toughened inspection tag is built for harsh environments
  • Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking
  • CE marked
  • Dynamic load tested and third-party certified (2:1 safety factor)
  • Dimensions: Extends from 14cm to 210cm
  • Max Load: 3KG (6.6lbs)

Technical Specifications

101476 NLG Extended Coil Tool Lanyard

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