Power Gripz Protectors

Power Gripz Protectors

Horizon offers the Power Gripz range of protectors.

The Power Gripz are scientifically tested and proven to be superior for grip, arc protection, heat penetration and all-weather dexterity. What makes The Power Gripz superior over all other leather protectors are the proprietary Patented silicone ribbed fingertips and palm grip pads.

Ordinary leather protector gloves were not designed for the lineman’s the high-in-the-air, all-kinds-of-weather world. It’s dangerous and demanding work that makes ordinary gloves slick from wear and oily residues and wind up being maddeningly slippery in foul weather. Power linemen need and deserve a better grip on the tools, small parts and the apparatus they use to work more efficiently, keep drop zones safer and get the job done, no matter what conditions.

Technical Specifications

Leather Protector Gloves The highest ATPV rating in the industry: 40cal/CM2 For use with Class 1-4 Rubber Insulated Gloves.
Leather Protector 3-Finger Mittens Provides superior dexterity, protection and safety in harsh cold weather conditions. For use with Class 1-4 Rubber Insulated Gloves.
Low-voltage Leather Protector Gloves Get the gripping power you need for low-voltage electrical work. For use with Class 00/0 Rubber Insulated Gloves.
Leather Utility Workman Gloves & Accessories Tough comfort fitting work gloves with three lining choices.
Mechanic Style Work Gloves Basic Spandex; Spandex with Leather; Fire-Resistant; Fire-Resistant; Fire-Resistant/Cut Resistant.

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