Powerline Sentry Bird Flight Diverter

Horizon offers bird flight diverters in a range of sizes.

Our patented bird flight diverters provide maximum visibility in low light conditions and from all angles – supporting research proving that visibility in low light is the most important aspect in preventing again collisions.

The photoluminescent white strip is 24-hour rated glow-in-the-dark and the fluorescent prismatic yellow is mirrored to effectively reflect light, while the A-frame shape provides maximum visibility from all angles.

A durable rubber hose cradles the wire, or guy wire, without pinching or grinding and they are secure in high winds for sustained periods.

Technical Specifications

BFD-050 15.2cm 7.6cm Up to 172 kV 21-107 mm² 100
BFD-075 15.2cm 10.1cm Up to 172 kV 126-354 mm² 50
BFD-075-HV 15.2cm 10.1cm Up to 345 kV 126-354 mm² 50
BFD-150 15.2cm 12.7cm Up to 172 kV 405-886 mm² 50
BFD-150-HV 15.2cm 12.7cm Up to 345 kV 405-886 mm² 50
BFD-051/ Guy Wire Marker 15.2cm 7.6cm Up to 172 kV 21-107 mm² 100
BFD-051/ Guy Wire Marker 15.2cm 10.1cm Up to 172kV 126-354 mm² 50

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