Rubber Goods Test & Washing Machines

Rubber Goods Test & Washing Machines

Horizon are the European Distributor for Hanco International, a trusted supplier to power companies, independent test labs and rubber goods manufacturers since 1943. Specialising in the design and manufacture of a complete line of high voltage rubber goods PPE testing equipment, turn key test labs, rubber goods washing, drying and cleaning products to your exact requirements.


Rubber Goods Test Equipment

Glove/Sleeve Testers

Hanco’s glove and sleeve test units are designed for the ultimate in convenience, efficiency and performance. Each unit can test gloves Class 00 to Class 4 and is equipped to test sleeves using either the hammock method or the straight dip dielectric fluid method. Available with 2 to 28 test positions, these units are completely wired and assembled at the factory. An automated direct data acquisition system is optionally available with software for accurately measuring and recording voltage and milliamp leakage readings required for record keeping by OSHA and HSE.

Blanket Testing Equipment

Hanco’s blanket test units are modular in design and offer total flexibility in setting up your test facility. Blanket testers are available in models with one to four drawers. The unit tests blankets Class 0 to Class 4. All drawers are mounted on ball bearing slides. They are available with their own power/control panel, or they can be operated by the glove test unit. Electrode lifting mechanisms are operated pneumatically and take only seconds for changing electrodes. All drawers and doors are equipped with a safety interlock system.

Linehose/Hood Test Equipment

Models are available with a power/control panel or can be slaved to an existing tester. The units will test Class 2 to Class 4 linehose in 3’, 4½’, or 6’ lengths. Hood test electrodes are made with a foam material which completely fills all voids inside and outside of the hood or cover.

Hot Stick Test Equipment

Hanco units provide a full high voltage electrical test as required by OSHA and other International Standards. Front-loading, top-loading and portable units are available. Sticks can be tested wet or dry. Test units are available to test sticks up to 14 or 21 feet long or up to 8 feet for the portable unit. All test cabinets are fully enclosed with safety interlocks for all openings.

Glove/Sleeve/Blanket Combination Tester

Where space is limited, combination testers are available. These units are equipped with 2, 4, or 6 glove/sleeve test positions, and either 1 or 2 blanket drawers. You can select either 36” or 46” size blanket drawers based on the largest blanket used by your organisation.

Linehose/Hood/Stick Combination Tester

Low profile style unit available in 14 or 21 foot maximum stick lengths. Available with a power/control panel or it can be slaved to another test unit. Capacity is 2 sticks or 4-6 hoses or hoods. Sticks can be tested wet or dry (as required by current standards).

Washing & Drying Equipment

Hanco manufactures a full line of washers and dryers to meet your individual requirements including a full line of electronic, tumblestyle washers with various capabilities manufactured and engineered for long lasting industrial applications.

Automated Washers for Rubber Goods

Washing machines have been engineered to clean rubber goods, especially the extra long line hose. With a single door on the top of the cabinet and a dual door access to the drum, for easy loading of line hose.

Linehose Washers

Increase your productivity by eliminating difficult manual labour. This unit scrubs the inside of linehose in less than 3 minutes!

Rubber Goods Dryers

Hanco manufactures dedicated rubber goods dryers as well as carrying electronic tumble style dryers manufactured and engineered for long-lasting industrial applications.

Technical Specifications

HANCO-RUBBER Hanco Rubber Goods Test & Washing Machines

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