Trench Guard™ Hole Cover

Trench Guard™ Hole Cover

Pavement excavation cover that is both safe and strong, the innovative TrenchGuard system sets a standard in trench cover safety.

A careful assessment of traditional fibreglass or plywood trench covering methods reveals serious shortcomings with no means of joining boards together, thus running the risk of them moving apart and leaving a dangerous hole that a vehicle or pedestrian might slip down.

By contrast, the new Trench-Guard panels have interlocking flanges that connect them firmly together to prevent this happening. They are made from an ultra tough plastic which, unlike plywood or fibreglass, does not become splintered with regular use. The panels and their matching rubber end ramps have only a very gentle slope on their edges, making them very safe for use in pedestrian areas.

  • Innovative and ultra safe trench cover for access across trenches and excavations
  • Steel reinforced trench cover
  • Rated load 500kg per wheel (ie 2 tonnes per car), span 600mm
  • Size: 1.4m x 800mm
  • Non shatter properties for additional safety
  • Lightweight unit for easy transportation
  • 100% recyclable at end of life

Technical Specifications

TG1408 Trench Guard 1.4m x 0.8m 18kg
TGR End Ramp 1.4m x 0.2m

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