Workplace Spill Kit

Workplace Spill Kit

Horizon offers a wide range of oil & chemical containment kits.

Spill kits are available in 3 main types – Oil, Chemical and Maintenance. Sorbents used in Oil Spill Kits are oleophillic and hydrophobic (absorbs oil, rejects water). Sorbents used in Chemical and Maintenance Spill Kits are hydrophilic (absorb water) which allows the recovery of aqueous based liquids.

Tested to BS7959-1:2004 for absorbency capacity. High absorbency capacity results in less product being used and less time and labour required to clean spills. Colour coded as per the BS7959-3:2000 guideline – blue for oil, yellow for chemical and grey for maintenance. Aids easy identification of the type of hazard you are dealing with.

Available as an Oil, Chemical or Maintenance Spill Kit.

Oil absorbency: 79 litres, Chemical/Maintenance absorbency: 48 litres

Robust UV stabilised waterproof PVC bag with waterproof double zip. For use inside or outside the workplace. Hang on wall with extinguishers, first aid kits etc for a complete emergency station. Carry in cars for first response or place outside in high risk areas such as storage and transfer.

Kits generally contain 50 pads (40 x 52cm), 4 socks (125 x 7.5cm), 2 cushions (42 x 37 x 10cm), flow stopper slab, disposal bag, tie, gloves & goggles.

Technical Specifications

WORKPLACE-SPILL-KIT For use inside or outside the workplace

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