Green Rhino EnviroPad®

Green Rhino EnviroPad®

EnviroPad® is the only spill mat that retains hydrocarbons permanently.

EnviroPad® is the only spill mat that retains hydrocarbons permanently. The innovative design uses smart polymers to absorb and solidify hydrocarbons, trapping them inside the pad.

  • Absorbed pollutants can’t be flushed out by rainwater or jet washing
  • No sidewalls or liner are required
  • Widely considered best practice for spill control
  • Won’t fill with oily rainwater and overflow like other products
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Reduces the volume of waste you generate

No other spill control product works as effectively as EnviroPad. Absorbent materials like polypropylene will absorb hydrocarbons but will also release them again when saturated with rain, squeezed or hung up in storage. Our patented Neutroilize™ Smart Fabric Technology has been designed to rapidly absorb and solidify a wide range of hydrocarbons including fuels, motor oil and hydraulic fluids.

Technical Specifications

GRR-52-02-01-EPAD EnviroPad® S4 – Small 610 x 460mm 4.5L Oil
GRR-52-02-10-EPAD EnviroPad® M10 – Medium 900 x 690mm 10.5L Oil
GRR-52-02-20-EPAD EnviroPad® L20 – Large 1370 x 910mm 20.2L Oil
GRR-52-02-22-EPAD EnviroPad® XL30 – XL 1370 x 1370mm 30.4L Oil
GRR-52-01-05-EPAD EnviroPad® XXL40 – XXL 2180 x 1370mm 44.3L Oil

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